Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 2019 specifications

iPad’s have always been way far ahead than android tablets. The OS, ecosystem, stability and overall performance have been great on iPads and worst on android ones. There is no competition for Apple’s iPads in touch response and it has been the customer’s first choice since launched.

While the industry may have given up on making premium Android tablets, Samsung isn’t quitting. It still believes that Google’s Android has the potential to power super thin and light productivity-oriented to and once. Which is why it recently unveiled a new version of its hybrid tablet- the Galaxy Tab S6. It is a 10.5-inch device that’s designed for people who need to get work done on the go and is now being considered as direct competition to Apple’s iPad Pro. It comes with an upgraded s-pen that features air gestures for the remote control that was basically introduced in Note 10. The device also comes with a redesigned optional keyboard cover that also has a trackpad added to it.

Because it is made by Samsung, you can expect it to have a beautiful display, long battery life, and capable performance. Thanks to HDR 10 + display, 7,040mAh battery and Snapdragon 855. What really stands out about this tab though is the s-pen which is included in the price you pay for the tablet- unlike Apple. Just like in Note 10, Samsung added an accelerometer and gyroscope to the Tab S6 S Pen. Along with a Bluetooth radio to enable remote control with air gestures– S pen gives you more than the required functions to perform. So when you’re using the camera, yes you can use tonnes of gestures to save yourself from the hassle.

With Note 10, these gestures were useful only in the camera app and for very specific instances like trying to capture ourselves from a distance. Though we expect the s-pen on this tab to be more useful as a stylus than as a remote control. Samsung has improved as handwriting recognition software to the point where it is more accurate and can identify what you’ve written. With the new features introduced, you can also convert your notes, Word documents or PDFs and then share them with your friends.
Thank new Bluetooth features, the S-Pen requires charging and you can do so by placing the pen on the back of the tablet where there’s a groove carved out for it. The pen stays in place magnetically with a charging indicator appearing on the tablet itself. At first, we all get the same thought- it’ll fall off at any time but surprisingly magnets do a pretty good job. If you get one of Samsung’s first-party cases, it’ll hold S-pen inside its sleeve.

The device has a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED screen. The display is bright and colorful and comes with HDR 10 plus certification which offers a better dynamic range. Samsung provided in-display with a fingerprint scanner. I Prefer to sign into my device via fingerprint on the front rather than to reach for it at the back of the device.

Although Samsung has improved the desktop mode on this Tab, the desktop performance still fails to provide a reliable desktop interface.
The Tab S6 is a sturdy performer that is capable of handling regular usage of Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Docs, Twitter, Spotify, and a few other applications.
If you are looking for something to video edit on, have a better face recognition system, have a higher screen refresh rate, then you might want to go with iPad Pro.

For anyone who need to edit a few documents or a slideshows on the go while staying in touch with your colleagues and friends, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 can do the job.

We can say that Samsung is mimicking the Microsoft Surface and iPad’s but looking at the overall experience. But we can expect Samsung to come up with some iPad competitor sometime really soon.

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