How to integrate WhatsApp on your website

WhatsApp Chat on the website [guide 2019]

How to integrate WhatsApp on your website

An idea and integrated WhatsApp with your WordPress website:

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging platforms around the world with over a billion users. This means that one of every seven people living on this planet uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp is ever-expanding with the now available PC version of WhatsApp making a new name for it. Thus integrating WhatsApp with your WordPress website is more than just a good idea. Here we suggest some of the best steps that you can take to effectively integrate your WhatsApp with your WordPress website.

Ways to integrate WhatsApp with WordPress website:

Though there are not many options due to the lack of technology in this domain, we propose two ways by which you can effectively integrate your WhatsApp with your website. They are:

  • By introducing Social-share pluginsthere are various plugins that can help by directly linking your website with other social media platforms including WhatsApp.  This audition of plugins become very helpful to spread your site and interact with readers.
  • By adding a link or button dedicated for WhatsApp-  Adding a link or button on your website which will directly take the users to the chat window will help to increase interactivity between the reader and you. The accessible to direct chatting will also boost the interest of users in reading the content.

Thus users can directly send a message using a free plugin or an original WhatsApp API.

  • For creating a WhatsApp specific dedicated button on your website, one can use the free Share Post On WhatsApp plugin. In addition to being a very useful plugin, it is also a very simple plugin to activate. To activate this button you just need to Settings Share post on WhatsApp to enable the dedicated button for chatting on your website.  Though one drawback of using this plugin is that it will activate the button on the mobile as well as the desktop website but it only works on the mobile does making the button on the PC website useless. Therefore a good alternative is WhatsApp Share Button from Alex Moss. 
  • To add a floating WhatsApp share bar, one can use the free KN Mobile ShareBar plugin which will activate features of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter to the website by simply activating it through settings.
  • To add live chatting on the website, one just needs to install and activate the free WhatsHelp Chat Button plugin which will then create a chat option clicking on which will redirect to WhatsApp through API.
  • By creating your own WhatsApp API-  By using CSS3 one can easily manage to build a button on the site which will contain an anchor link that will redirect to link to the direct API of WhatsApp thus creating your own API without needing a plugin to be installed and activated.
  • Benefits of integrating WhatsApp with your website-

Integrating WhatsApp and other social media with your website will bring great results. The ways in which it can affect your website are-

  1. The ability to directly contact the developer will increase the interest of readers on the site.
  2. Being able to directly contact the developer will also increase the chances of users giving feedback which would then help in making your website better.
  3. The ability to directly contact will also increase chances for networking and connectivity.


To conclude, we mentioned different plugins and other methods that can be used to easily integrate your chatting options to your WordPress website.

Thus using integrated WhatsApp with WordPress will be a great boost to any website. Most websites do contain float bars by standard plugin methods and have acquired great results. Using these plugins can ease the process of integration though they have drawbacks.  Using APIs can provide a better solution to these problems as well.


Can we add WhatsApp chat widget with a plugin?

Yes, you can add a Whatsapp chat widget using a free plugin. 

Can we integrate WhatsApp on a WordPress or Wix site?

Yes, you can choose to integrate WhatsApp chat on a WordPress or Wix website without having any specific technical knowledge or any coding.

Why we should add Whatsapp to our website?

Being the biggest messaging platforms around the world with over a billion users. Whatapp makes easy for the user to contact directly to the owner.

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