Best Google Chrome Extensions and Applications

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most favourite browser of the majority of people. It has lots of features and extensions that you might not be aware of. The super fast browser leaves behind all other browsers that are in the market. Google chrome is underrated for its feature to support different kinds of applications. Both Chrome apps and extensions are available in the web store. So, you should not get confused between apps and extensions. Chrome extension can be used to save, download and manage an offline article. It can also customize your overall look.

While Chrome apps are those that allow running the complete application inside the browser. To name, there are few Chrome apps that you should definitely download and use.

Google Chrome comes with pre-installed apps such as Maps, Docs, Sheets, etc. You can find them in Chrome by simply clicking on the Chrome icon. The top 10 apps that you should download are:


If you want the best photo editing app, Polarr is the one you’re looking for. It is supported in both iOS and Android devices. The application is user-friendly and brings a lot of features for the beginners to edit the pictures. But many people do not know it is available as Chrome App. So, you can edit your pictures on the Google Chrome itself.

You have to install the Polarr app from the Chrome Web Store and launch the app. The photo you want to edit can be imported easily. Other than general features like adjusting the brightness, contrast you also get features like layers, filters and more. You should definitely use the app.

Polarr Photo Editor Chrome Extension


Sketchpad is a sketching app in Chrome. It allows you to sketch on a blank canvas and even on images. Anyone who is afraid of typical sketching apps should use this. Sketchpad-is aa user friendly app. It is very easy to use and it’s starting guide teaches beginners how to use it within an hour.

There are a number of brushes in different patterns and sizes. It has the line guidance system that allows creating straight lines easily between two points. You can create many different shapes just with the trackpad of the laptop. A number of colouring and filling option are available including the vector filling. For beginners, it is the best app present in Chrome.

Sketchpad Chrome Extension

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office that includes the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint has been the most used apps for writing, entering data and creating a presentation for both students and professionals. The desktop apps for Microsoft office cost way too much and is not affordable by all. So, the Chrome app is the solution as it allows you to use the apps for free. The only thing required is a Microsoft account that can be made for free.

Once the account is created, use your ID and login into apps. These are stripped down version of the desktop ones and the professional users only will miss some features. This is a must-have application in the Chrome browser.

Microsoft office Online Chrome Extension

Calmly Writer

Microsoft Word is a wonderful app for most users who love to write. But some don’t want any distractions and fewer features. Calmly writer is the go-to app for them. This application has a clean environment with distraction-free writing. By right-clicking, you can easily access the text formatting option. The work is saved into the cloud so there is no risk of losing it.

It also supports a beautiful dark mode. Export and import of PDF’s, word document, HTML file is supported. This is a good app for those who are in search of a cheap and good writing app.

Calmly Chrome Extension

All-in-one Messenger

No one likes to take out phone in between their work to just answer to texts. If you are into using many messaging apps but hate to download their desktop counterparts, can use this Chrome App. If you are an online writer, that means you mostly spend your time over Chrome. So this app makes it easy for you to answer to texts in different apps by using a single app.

All in one messenger Chrome Extension

Kindle Cloud Reader

People those who like to read but stay busy throughout the day can use this Kindle Cloud Reader. Though getting habituated to reading books over a laptop isn’t easy but once you get the habit of it, it’s easy. The Chrome app Kindle Cloud Reader doesn’t consume space on the laptop and is easily accessible.

Kindle Chrome Extension

Todoist for Chrome

It is one of the best task managers in the world. Though it is simple but is very powerful. It allows you to manage single-task lists to big projects. There are a number of themes supported by Chrome.

The app is free and easy to download but still, there are some features that can be used after paying. If you want to collaborate with people on large projects you will require the paid version of it.

Todoist Chrome Extension

JS Torrent

It runs on Javascript and is one of the best torrent clients. The torrent client downloads file directly to the downloads folder. Users are given a lot of control over their downloads. You are allowed to select the number of torrent files you want to download concurrently.

It may not be the prettiest torrent client but is one of the best when comes to function. The only problem in this app may be that it last comes in October 2016.

JS torrent Chrome Extension


It is an app that saves and downloads articles to read later when offline. Pocket extension and Pocket, when combined together, allows to easily capture articles. The app is free to download and you can use the premium option by paying for it.

Pocket Chrome Extension


It is a Pdf and documentation markup tool, which allows users to markup, save and share documents. It connects you to Google Drive and Google Classroom that allows you to import cloud documents.

Kami Chrome Extension

These are a few Chrome Apps that are very important and useful that you should download and use to make your life easier.

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