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In today’s generation earning money isn’t that tough if you know to work smartly. Hard work doesn’t make you money often. So, to be smart and work is important. Well, you can get paid even to surf the web. Yes, you read it right, getting paid to surf the web is an all-new thing in the market and many companies pay you for it.

These are classified as work at home job. From beginners to intermediate and full-time gigs all have their opportunities to get paid online. There are various jobs on which you are paid to just click and give answers. Sone requires professional skills like research, deep knowledge, etc. Some of the ways to get paid by surfing the web are:


This is a website that pays you for performing simple and basics tasks such as playing games, watching videos or taking surveys. You are given out points called SB. These SB points are redeemed in different ways such as in Amazon, Starbucks, and PayPal gift cards. Apart from doing various tasks and earning you can also earn by registering Swagbucks as your primary search engine. Every time you use the Swagbucks search bar you will be given points. It is noted that a user can earn up to $50-100 by it and some earn even more.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft users earn points by registering their account for surfing the web by just signing in it. Users can earn points for buying Microsoft & Windows product. You can use the preferred search engine Bing, and earn points. The points can be redeemed as rewards for movies, games, retail stores and apps. On the level of use, points are earned from 10-50 searches per day. 5000 points can approximately give you $5. Though you can’t earn much but definitely something for giving your time.

Nielson Digital Voice

It carries out market research, to analyze the preferences of television viewers. You can download an app on your phone and share your opinion due to Nielson Digital Voice. Posting on social media, playing games and watching videos is counted as demographic research. This enables you to earn for almost everything you do online. You can earn sweepstakes every month. You can be asked to do external surveys to earn more sweepstakes entries and prizes.

Inbox Dollars

It allows you to engage yourself with different players in different kinds of games and earn through it.  You get points for using your GPS to check in the partnered stores. You can also get coupons and discounts. It also pays you to watch your favourite TV channels and also to shop online. You also get members-only discounts and free samples. The deals and offers results in earn-outs of 10cent per task up to $6. The new users get $5 as a bonus for signing up.


It works in conjunction with search engines like Google and Bing. You are shown relevant results when you search in Qmee. On clicking to the results you earn points that can be further traded in cash prizes and gift cards. You can earn additional points by engaging with brands. You can take surveys and you are paid after completing it.  Payouts are available through PayPal or through gift cards.


If you have a background with research and you are an internet-savvy, you can get paid in an hourly basis to perform research and tasks that increase the Internet search engine results. It allows you to conduct Internet researches and provide evaluation for companies. You rate them on how well are they performing and serving their customers. The basic needs to be a Leapforce agent is to be 18years or above and to have a personal computer with high-speed connectivity with antivirus software. The agents need to complete an exam to start performing.


It is a web search evaluation company. Agents carry out research to find out how well search engines and website perform. You can also become a social media Evaluator. The basic requirements include a computer less than three years old, high-speed internet connection and a very good idea of social media, search engines and technology. The agents need to give an exam and go through a screening process.

User Testing

User testers evaluate websites and the opinions are given through recording. After the testers complete a given task they record themselves and send it. Each test takes up to 10-12 minutes and they receive $10 on per video. The working hours can be chosen by yourself. The opportunities you get is based on your skills, demographics and quality rating. The money earned is transferred to you by PayPal within a week of completing a task.

Ask Wonder

If you are interested in learning different subjects and you are good in Internet research Ask Wonder is a great opportunity for you. Active members earn up to $2000 by giving answers after researching well. Qualified researches should show that they can carry out researches and answer properly.

Click worker

This type of workers creates texts and documents. They proofread and make corrections. They take surveys and categorize data. You can set your own schedule and the work is research driven. The task can be easily performed in a laptop or phones. An average worker earns up to $9/hour.

Figure Eight

It carries out research works related to Technology, social media and user experience. It offers micro-tasking opportunities with flexibility in schedule. This makes work easy for researchers who can complete work in a small pocket of time. There is constant growth with each completed task as the level of task is increased every time.

So now you know that by working online you can earn money and utilize your time efficiently. These websites are trustworthy and you should look forward to work.

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