Role of technology in today’s world.

Living in today’s world would be quite complicated if we remove technology from our lives. Technology is no more comfort, it is now a basic necessity for almost all of us and we cannot deny the fact that many technological developments and innovations played a major role in our lives. The kind of life we enjoy is possible only because of technological developments. Technology has drastically improved our lives and made present things now better faster, easier, and more convenient.

Space shuttle

The important changes that were brought by the technology were noticeable in 14th to the 16th century when humans were struggling to improve circumstances and introduced printed press which is still acknowledged as one of the most important technological development of all time. But now, after a long time and a lot of advancements, we are now developed that we even know how to grow a plant in non-suitable environments, this is possible because of technology enhancements. Internet- greatest and most important technological advancement of all time has allowed accessing information on how to improve agriculture, boost food production, increase food supply, results in making overall life better for everyone.

Long before the internet was even introduced, the invention of the telephone was a very important milestone in technological development as before telephones, it would take months for a piece of information to pass from one place to another. Postal service was an advancement to us as that was the only source of communication but that had a lot of drawbacks along with it, with technology advancement everything is just some clicks away. With a lot of improvements, the intelligence of thousands of minds, we can contact anyone from anywhere, sharing thoughts and information at a much faster speed than ever before.

Technology is constantly making us better and ready to fight for the future. The best example for this is to look at medical improvements- vaccinations, transplants and new antibiotics. Our ancestors couldn’t have ever imagined that people could get their gender changed or could get their heart or brain transplanted.

Advancements in Technology

Since 10 million years ago when humans discovered fire, humans are constantly improvising the ways to live a better life. All the advancements, improvements were done to make the life of us humans more meaningful, social and practical. All these social media, internet, telephones were created to bring the people closer to each other when they are living at a distance. We might be the smartest organism on the planet, but there is still a lot of improvements that we have to do – Human and Artificial Neural Networks, Incremental Improvements, Quantum Batteries and a lot more, the possibility is endless.

How today’s technology has positive advancement?

Over the years, technology has completely revolutionized our world and it is still working like a charm. We are able to develop amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips, just because of the latest technology. Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone and some companies like JIO made sure that no person should be left who haven’t witnessed these revolutions.

Robot on Mars

The effect of new technology on media is visible since a media company isn’t necessarily a news platform anymore. The number of global active internet users is now near to 3.2 billion people which is almost half of the world’s population. Every day, 2 million smartphones are sold every day in the whole of the world. This number is enough to tell us how phenomenally fast is the information that is being shared on social media networks.
The future of technology is even more interesting, as Robots are expected to replace the basic human-y things we do in the industry completely and even at home. How interesting it is that robots are able to conversate with humans, see from their own eyes, guide us in the decisions we make: all this is possible because of advancements we are able to make in the technology.

Ways we communicate-

Facebook logo

Haven’t you heard of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp? No matter what location you’re in, the message gets delivered on these platforms at the same rate and speed even if the message recipient is right beside you or on the other side of the world. You are now able to send voice messages through these platforms, which are considered more effective than texting.

Online payment

Paying bills and transferring money has also been more simplified, thanks to technology. Your payments are now automated which means that you don’t need to worry about the last dates of bills as your smartphone would do all for you. Whenever your bills are due, you can directly pay the amount with your cell phone and a banking app, or even the money transfer which was earlier a tough task as standing in queues for hours is something that most of us hate. Now, you don’t need to carry cash everywhere you go. Thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay that are holding your back, where your money is secure.

Ways we shop-

Online shopping

To online shop, you’re only some clicks away from buying the things you want. There is no hassle and no need to make several trips to retail stores and sometimes those trips aren’t even as successful as spending 15 minutes on your smartphone at your home prove to be. Even if you want to buy a used product, there are people who are looking to sell their furniture, clothes, appliances, and much more. Using websites like OLX, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you can view items based on what you need and budget.

Food Delivery

food delivery

As we all lead busy lives, the ability to have things brought to your home is helpful especially if you have seniors or those with disability or sickness at your home. Food delivery comes in many different forms. Currently, there are many mobile apps that allow this service to you to order delivery from your favourite restaurants and we’re not talking about standard pizza delivery. These apps pay people just like us to pick up takeout almost anywhere. A few examples of these applications include Swiggy, Uber Eats, and FoodPanda.

On the overall, you might have realized how important technology is to us. The gadget you’re reading this blog, it is all important to us. The technology news we get aren’t even half of what new is produced every day. The smartphones we use daily are much more capable than we think as the hardware and software will be much smarter than us in the upcoming time, their true potential might even scare us for an instant. The technology has completely changed business terms as now everything is controlled by the internet which has helped in controlling the business finance for the companies and they no longer need some office to start working.

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