GOOGLE has always been successful when it comes to shocking the audience as well as competitors. Pixel 2 having one of the worlds best camera and with all the great hardware configuration, beautiful build quality, good speakers and a really nice display puts it on the lists of the best smartphone to buy even in 2019. After which Google decided to go with the ‘NOTCH‘, maybe just to follow the trend. The company could have gone with something really bezel-less device and something like triple rear cameras like Samsung Galaxy S10+, but they still made great sales with 3 and 3 XL. Now after 5 months of launch, some design leaks of the PIXEL 4 XL are out that should put competitors like SAMSUNG and APPLE in the state of worry. Google finally took the competition pretty serious and decided to use DUAL CAMERA setup this time. The software optimization of Pixel 3 with the single rear camera was just amazing and kept it top of the list of worlds’ best camera devices, we are seriously interested what Google would do with the dual camera’s on the rear as well as on the front.

According to a photo posted on SLASHLEAKS, the device will have dual cameras’ on the front as well as on back.

al you know about  Pixel 4 XL

Although these leaks are still not answering some questions like the positioning of the fingerprint sensor. It can this time be an in-display sensor or maybe they would come with some new concept of the positioning of it. Talking about the software configurations, all we know about it is it will definitely run on ANDROID Q that is still in early dstages of beta tests.

The leaks are still not confirmed by any of the officials of the company but it is still fun to talk about the devices that are about to launch from great companies like GOOGLE.

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