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iOS 13 – something is wrong with your iPhone?

On September 19, Apple launched its much-hyped iOS 13 updates to the global users. And if you have an apple device then you should definitely read this article because we may some important news for you!

Although iOS is a major update over the iOS 12 as it provided a lot of new stuff that a major number audience wanted from a long time that includes all-new Dark Mode, a Find My app, a revamped Photos app, new Siri voice, updated privacy features, new street-level view for Maps, and much more. But along with everything new that came with the smartphone update, came some new bugs that we fell you should have a look at.


Jose Rodriguez, a cybersecurity enthusiast, contacted Apple and suggested that he had spotted a “Passcode Bypass“. The company immediately checked on Rodriguez’s tip and made him talk to the researchers during which he explained all the vulnerability on a beta version of the software that he noticed. Rodriguez also provided copies of the emails and phone records with Apple to CNN Business and some other websites.

Suspecting that the company would obviously not fix the flaw just before releasing the new operating system to its customers from all over the world as it could leave some more loopholes in the software.

But the company told that the bug that Rodriguez identified would be fixed in the next version of the operating system, iOS 13.1, which rolled out on September 24th. Earlier company had planned to roll out the 13.1 updates on 30th September but looking at the major loophole, Apple launched it 3 days back to avoid any serious privacy harm to their customers.

What Else?

This was not the only flaw of the latest ios 13 update that the company rolled out to the public. There were quite a few problems that were rolled out with the update.


Many of the Apple smartphones users who have updated their device on the latest ios 13 have complained that their device is draining at a much faster rate than before. Some also tweeted and reported that their smartphone experience has degraded after updating to ios 13 due to always having low battery. Some also reported noticing a loss of 2 hours of screen time on a single charge.


After upgrading to iOS 13, some users reported that a lot of applications on their smartphone won’t just open. When they would tap on the icon to open it, their iPhone would just show a message that THIS APPLICATION WON’T OPEN. In order to open that application, users have to restart their smartphone that basically is a lot of stuff to do just to open one single application.


After updating the new OS, some users reported that their iPhone would just be rebooted without their participation. This was due to the fact that the new OS updates the registry and reloads various programs. Although this would not be considered as the “BUG” in the new OS as it is still a part of process of your phone trying to mix into the new OS but this created discomfort to a lot of users as something like this was not reported before and if this was a part f the update process then APPLE should have informed their users about it.


A lot of users reported that their smartphone would disconnect the wifi on its own creating trouble to the users in browsing the internet that made a majority of users to think that something is wrong with the WIFI of their office or apartment.


Although Apple has rolled out update iOS 13.1 to the users that has provided a fix to all the issues discussed above, but this was a noticeable concern as in the second quarter of 2019, 10.1 percent of all smartphones sold worldwide were an Apple iPhone and privacy of this large number of audience matters.

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