Is iPhone 7 worth buying? A review in 2019!

On september 16 2016, Apple launched its iPhone 7 and 7 plus that really shocked people as it did not came with a headphone jack. Lookwise, it is similar to the preceder iPhone 6S, but the company made some changes like the design in this is too clean and two new finishes- matte black and jet black. These two were the most selling finishes of 7 and 7 Plus. Along with new finishes, Apple also added the water and dust resistance, redesigned home button that gives haptic feedback when pressed and stereo speakers. The hardware of the devices were also improved as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus runs on A10 fusion chip which is a heterongeneous quad-core system-on-chip that improved the graphics, performance and even the camera capabilities. Company added an telephoto lens on 7 plus that provided the enhanced zoom capabilities and portrait mode to it. And today we at TECHY DIMENSION are going to answer if iPhone 7 and 7 Plus still holds up pretty good even after 2 years of launch or not.

iPhone 7 without headphone jack

Lets have a look at basic highlights of Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus-

Apple iPhone 7Apple iPhone 7 Plus
11.94 cm (4.7 inch) Retina HD Display
12MP Rear Camera
7MP Front Camera
Apple A10 Fusion 64-bit processor
Embedded M10 Motion Co-processor
1960 mAh battery
13.97 cm (5.5 inch) Retina HD Display
12MP + 12MP Rear Camera
7MP Front Camera
Apple A10 Fusion 64-bit processor
Embedded M10 Motion Co-processor
2900 mAh battery.

All these specifications looks good on-paper but to have a check on them, we used these two devices for a week and listed below is what we observed-


Just below the display, we have the home button that is not exactly a physical button but more of a capacitive one that when pressed provides you a vibratic-clicky feedback that personally impressed me.


Battery life on iPhone 7 is okay and lasts a day if you are not much of a heavy user whereas that on 7 plus sometimes lasts more than a day even after a heavy use.


Camera on 7 is pretty good and has an ability to shoot video in 4K just by a single 12 MP camera. The camera provides some very decent shots and the Optical Image Stablization is really really great. The 7 Plus has the dual rear camera setup that allows two times optical zoom and portrait shots but nothing much else. The front camera on both are similar and are able to provide stunning shots even in 2019.


Long story short, anything you do in 7 or 7 plus is going to feel fast and fluid from gaming to social media, you are not really going to have complaints from these. Both of these runs as a charm but 7 Plus runs even faster than 7 because of an extra gigabyte of RAM. Its a pleasure to use and does not even feels like a device that was launched 2 years now. So with all this in mind, is the iPhone 7 or 7 plus worth buying on 2019? Before answering this question lets talk about pricing, shall we?

You can buy these devices starting from ₹ 38,000 for iPhone 7 and ₹ 54,000 for iPhone 7 Plus on Flipkart which is really a very good price point. So all in one if you are set on getting the iPhone 7 or 7 plus then I’d say go for it. Both are really great phones even for 2019 and you’re not going to face any problems in your day to day use.

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