OnePlus 8 Pro- First Look!!

We all are aware of the products that OnePlus offers- Quality and Innovation are the company’s main highlight. Back in 2019, the Chinese company launched its 7th series named OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro that received huge amount of love from its ‘community’. OnePlus has its moto- Never Settle and this reflects in the products that they offer. If you look at the Oneplus 7 Pro, the all-display smartphone has a pop-up camera that the majority of the audience was uncomfortable with as according to them it was a weak part about the device that would break if the device falls.

But then OnePlus came up with this video where the camera pop-up was lifting 22.3 kgs of the weight of cement and this made the device trustworthy. Oneplus came up with another video that is a 12-hour stress test and it showed that pop-up working for more than thousands of time. This proved that using pop-up for multiple numbers of times won’t damage the front camera. The smartphone also had a 90-Hz display which is addictive and there is no going back to traditional 60-Hz after using it once.

The phone proved to be a success and then the company launched ‘T’ variant of these smartphones, which was an upgrade for 7, not 7 Pro. OnePlus 7T has a smaller notch, better processor Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 855+, that is made for gaming by overclocking the cores, 90-Hz display, a new triple camera set-placed in a round-circular set-up that majority of audience said is borrowed from Motorola’s older design. But the audience gave this device a lot of attention just because of the performance it offered. Although, the OnePlua 7T Pro was not that much of a success as it had nothing major to offer after 7t and 7 Pro.

But now, the first look of Oneplus’ 8th series is globally spread, and let me tell you it is beautiful.

The upcoming OnePlus 8 pro is likely to ditch the pop-up selfie camera in favour of a punch-hole display like we saw in Samsung’s S10 series, M40 and VIVO and others. The punch hole which holds the front camera is on the top left of the screen. The 8 pro is also likely to be the very first smartphone with a quad-camera setup from OnePlus with the fourth camera being Time of Flight (ToF) that is the use of 3D technology for better portrait shots. The fourth camera is placed on the left side of the camera module on the back with three sensors placed vertically just like OnePlus 7 Pro. The display on the front is likely to be a 6.65-inch AMOLED panel and it’s already confirmed by the company in its previous launch sessions to have a 90 Hz refresh rate.

oneplus 8 pro first look
Leaked design of OnePlus 8 Pro

The placement of ports and controls a standard being alert slider placed on the right, USB type-c port at the bottom in the middle having a redesigned speaker grille along with it. Placement of Volume Rockers and Power On/Off button are not changed at all. The phone is just about 8.8 millimetres thick, though the thickness increases to 10.8 millimetres if you include the camera bump. The core specification of the OnePlus 8 pro is still unknown at the moment but we can expect it to have the latest processor that Qualcomm will offer at the moment. We’ll know more when the phone lands sometime in the first half of next year.

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