Oneplus’s all new beast device just went on sale for the first time on 21 may and looking at the response it got, we carefully tried to observe the device, it performance, camera testing and indeed we were impressed. But as we all know, nothing is perfect, so we tried to observe all the negative side of the device and the effects that can hit you if you but this device.


After Apple saw wireless future, companies like Oneplus, Google, Essential, Huawei, HTC, LeEco, Lenovo Moto, Nokia, Smartisan, Xiaomi, Sony and Others took it seriously which is why these removed headphone jacks from their devices. Those devices might have not been launched in the country to live in but the company made global announcements of the launch. This might also be a reason why Oneplus didn’t give customers an option to listen to music to the customer on their 7 pro and even in Oneplus 6t that was launched back in 2019. If the company would have provided customers with an earphone of Type-C cable like Apple, it would have still been okay, but they choose to skip both and went for a new third option that most of us would not like. A customer would love to get earphones if he/she is spending 50k for a smartphone.


Oneplus official gave an interview before the launch of Oneplus 7 pro and told the media that the device will not have wireless charging because it would slow the charging process. Although yes, the phone has an insane charging process but looking at the competitor devices like Samsung S10, it would be really nice to have wireless.


This is the biggest flaw that this device has. Oneplus 7 Pro is not IP rated, with means that the device is not at all waterproof. Although before the launch, the company displayed some advertisements where the device was being thrown in a bucket of water but because the device is not rated, so we would not recommend you doing that.

4. Potentially Poor Battery Life

The device comes with 4000 mAh battery which should be enough to last a day or sometimes more, but it was similar in our experience with the OnePlus 6T that comes with 3700 mAh battery. Keeping in mind about the all-new 90 h display that makes scrolling super smooth but it eats up a lot of battery. Oneplus should have gone with 4500 mAh battery or maybe more if required because the device needs to be charged even the whole day’s normal usage hasn’t ended.

5. You Have Other Options in 2019

In 2018 and 2019, the companies have launched a lot of devices that can be considered a direct competitor to the new Oneplus 7 Pro. Oneplus’ own Oneplus 7 will be the ultimate competitor to the 7 Pro in terms of performance. Samsung’s S10 lineup also starts at an equal price after the drop the company announced, which makes it a perfect competitor for 7 Pro. Samsung also takes a lead as it has a headphone jack, expandable memory up to 512 GB and a comparatively better camera.

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