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Technology has raised its bar to some another level in recent times. With the increasing level of technologies in every field, the competition in the market is increasing remarkably. For any company, brand or industry to survive need to keep updating its product with the time. One of the most competitive markets is the mobile industry. Each company provides us customer with something better each time. Even the new companies in the market are doing a great job to survive.

samsung galaxy fold

The updates and modifications are noticeable. From keypad to touch screen phones, 3G to 4G and 5G very soon the changes are better. Earlier, the touch screen was in a specific part but recently brands have brought all touch screen phone. Even the edges have a screen. In short, there is no stopping to the updates and modifications being made. People love these modifications and their needs are increasing rapidly. It will not be wrong to say that the world is available on smartphones.

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the technical field. Samsung never fails to surprise the customers with their new features in the Smartphones and this time was no exception. With their latest Smartphone i.e. the GALAXY FOLD they brought something extraordinary. The phone could fold and used. Let’s look into what the phone had to offer and the review on it.

Early Statements

The phone provides an exciting new mobile form factor. Though it may have disadvantages which will be the reason people not buying it. But the people those are looking for new edge-cutting technologies will definitely put it in the top of their lists.


We can say that the first impression of the phone is positive. It has a massive 7.3-inch display. The feature of folding makes it easy to fit into the pockets of people. Moreover, the folding mechanism gives a secure feeling for now.

The Galaxy Fold is quite heavy and big and the fact is that there’s a visible crease on it while it is unfolded makes it controversial. An alarming number of people has also reported in faults in the main display, to which Samsung said that they would look into the troubles reported.

Date of Release and Time

The official release date of the Samsung Fold in US is dated to be April 26. In UK and Europe, the pre-booking starts on April 26 while the device will be available from May 3. But after the reports regarding displays and creases in the phone, Samsung confirmed to push launch dates until the reports are considered and the problems fixed. In the US, AT & T pre-bookings are opening and they will start selling the device from April 26 in stores and online. The price of the phone us $1980/£1800 and this makes it one of the costliest phone in the market.


The Galaxy Fold has one of the most intuitive form factors. The screen finds itself to protect, just like the laptops. The company never took the project of making this phone lightly. The company took over 10 years and went through 1000 different prototypes before launching it. It has a book like folding option that gives it a natural feel of opening the handset. It is easier to grip than the Huawei Mate X – Huawei. They took the opposite design in which the screen is outside after getting folded.

samsung galaxy fold

You need to open the Galaxy Fold completely to have a look of the 7.3-inch display. There is a dual-axis hinge lock, to prevent over extending the display past 180 degrees. When the phone is snap shut, it gives a satisfying sound. Samsung gave a lot of time to the dual axis hinge which gives a tactile feeling. It provides smooth movement between the two states. The count of folks and unfolds it can approximately handle is 100 per day for over 5 years. There is a fingerprint sensor that is located on the right edge of the lower half when it’s closed. It works as a button to get you directly to the Samsung smart assistant.

The power lock and volume keys are located in easy to reach places. In the base of the food lies a USB-C Port and on the other one is the speaker. There is no headphone jack present. There are two speakers on the phone, the other one being at the top. It provides stereo sound. It is tuned by AKG and boasting Dolby Atmos Support. Though the Galaxy fold design is fun and futuristic, it is big and bulky with a heavyweight. The device measures 62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm. If you are a fan of skinny jeans this phone would not easily fit into your pockets.

There is a variety of colour in which it will be available i.e. Martian Green, Space Silver, Cosmos Black and Astro Blue. The Gorilla Glass 6 covered glass gives it a solid feel. Though it doesn’t give a classier look in the palm. The Galaxy Fold is a fingerprint magnet. The fingerprints are clearly visible in the screen due to the large display.


It has 2 screens with each having a 4.5 HD+ Super AMOLED display on the front when closed in the phone format.  The bezels ate disappearing completely from the world, so in the phone mode, the Galaxy Fold definitely gets back into the past. When we are talking about the price tag, it doesn’t justify what it provides. Though the small size display is bright and clear it’s actually too small. The small display allows easy handling of the Android. Texting, calling and using other applications is simple. It is the thinnest display Samsung has made.

samsung galaxy fold

When it is being used in the tablet form, it has excellent outdoor visibility. When the phone is looked in a certain angle there is a noticeable crease all through the screen from the middle where it folds. This cannot be hidden and you need to get adjusted if you want to spend your money on buying the Galaxy Fold.

Performance and Interface

The Galaxy Fold is very useful. When you are using it in phone format it allows one hand control for calls and music. Games and other applications work easily due to the small screen but as you get back into the bigger display with just a slide, the smaller display may make you feel cramp. If you are using Google Maps in phone mode and suddenly switch to the tablet mode, even the google map switches to a bigger screen.

The apps that come pre-installed in the Galaxy Fold are compatible with the switching but it depends on the developers whether to make their apps compatible to it or not. There will be a bit of wait for the core apps to support the 4:3 ratio of the Galaxy Fold. In the larger mode, you will be allowed to use more than two applications together. You can change the position of the application by dragging and dropping them. You can get up to 512Gb on the phone for all your apps, music and games.

Cameras & Battery

The Galaxy Fold has 6 cameras. Three of them are on the rear side of the device. The main sensor is of 12MP. The telephoto lens is also of 12MP and the ultra wide angle lens is 16MP. The performance must be great because the same setup is of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The front camera is of 10MP for the selfies and hastily organized video conference. The rest two cameras are at the right top side. The cameras inside the notch are of 10MP supported by the 8MP depth-sensing camera. The 4:3 aspect ratios provides two benefits. Firstly, the large size clearly shows how your picture will be before clicking the shutter button. Secondly, the 4:3 aspect ratio is the same as the camera aspect ratio thus it won’t be leaving any black bars in between.

There are two batteries providing 4380mAh battery in total. It is said that it will provide all-day power but will definitely depend on how the handset is used. If most of the time is spent using the tablet mode the battery would drain up fast. The Galaxy Fold supports wireless charging and it packs the same Wireless Power share feature. For more in-depth reviews you need to wait.

Disadvantages of the Galaxy Fold

  • It is very expensive in terms of its features and specifications.
  • The crease in the middle of the screen is definitely a disadvantage.
  • The model is very heavy and bulky.
  • The Galaxy Fold is not easy to fit in skinny jeans.
  • There is not a feature of expanding memory.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t justify its price tag.

Final Verdict

The Galaxy Fold is an exciting entry in the market breaking the stereotype of rectangle models and bringing forward square-shaped phone. Though the price is too high for buyers, it will be fine. The Galaxy Fold is a new start to technology.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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