Smartphones Launching in 2020

Smartphones Launching in 2020

Technology has upgraded quite a lot in the past few years and these advancements are expected to improve every day. We saw a lot of devices that were launched in 2019 that created spark into the competition between the giants of technology.

Samsung came up with Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e on March 8, Oneplus came with new 7 series named Oneplus 7, Oneplus 7 Pro and Oneplus 7t with all new 90hz display concept that really helped Chinese company to shift the majority of audience’s focus on its new launch. Later in the year, Apple launched its 11 series of devices named iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 PRO MAX. Google also launched the Pixel 4 series that sadly will not be available to the Indian market. Companies like XIAOMI OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei also launched pretty interesting phones that brought pretty interesting competitions to the market.

But now let’s have a look at the devices that the companies have in their minds about the smartphones that are to be launched in 2020.

Apple’s Folding phone

There has been news Apple has also patented its foldable smartphone technology market after the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold that was very delicate. It was almost like you’re taking care of a baby, maybe even more delicate than that. Samsung has future plans regarding the Galaxy Fold, but Apple definitely wants to be in pursuit- suggests the news. We might see Apple’s folding phone in September 2020 that we expect should be more solid than Galaxy Fold and also costlier than the same.



Samsung launched its Galaxy fold which was a controversial Smarphone as it had nothing to do with durability- and we understand that best piece of technology requires stages of refinement and this is why Samsung will launch it’s Galaxy Fold 2 in 2020 which would be a durable version of Galaxy Fold- we suppose.

This will be an interesting device as it’ll have to compare against Apple’s Foldable phone, Huawei’s Mate X and Xiaomi Mi Flex. We suppose Samsung could launch it with Galaxy S11 in March.

Xiaomi Mi Flex

Xiaomi Mi Flex 2020

Yes, Xiaomi’s is joining the league of folding smartphones as soon as it launched Mi Flex. Leaks and prototypes suggest that Mi Flex will have dual displays ( like we’ve already seen in Nubia Z20), a big screen at the front and a secondary display at the top back. This device is expected to have a triple camera setup and this is going to be the cheapest folding phone.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 and S11+ 2020

Back in 2019, Samsung launched S10, S10e, and s10+ which is an interesting device as it has HDR10+ display which would drastically improve the display quality, a new and better camera system and camera cutout in front and reverse wireless charging. The majority of the audience likes what Samsung has to offer. Its skin Samsung One UI has a lot of cute animations that impresses the majority of people. But all this was 2019, what’s gonna be new about S11, maybe a better camera, a refreshed design, maybe some new software improvements, better privacy (thanks to Android 10)- we suppose.

Although the package hasn’t a lot of new things to offer, we’re still interested as such big giants care about their reputation especially while competing against other giants like Apple, Google, and others.

Moto Razr v4

Moto Razr v4 2020

Who doesn’t remembers Motorola‚Äôs Razr? This device was a big hit and the company sold 130 Million+ units of this device in just 4 years. The successor is about to hit the market in 2020 and this time it isn’t displayed and keypad- its all display. Moto has been working on this for quite a few years now and we suppose this would be ready to be unveiled in 2020. The device would be launched at a very heavy price tag that can even make it the Costliest device of 2020. You are expected to pay approximately $1500 for a single unit. Let’s see what this has to offer to the audience at this price tag.

iPhone 12

hone 12  2020

Apple really did outperform with its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 PRO MAX which has new and best ever camera’s made by Apple to date. Apple really did satisfy its customers with a new design on the back, all-new night mode, iOS 13 and all the advancements they did. But the curiosity still exists about what will be new next year. We can just expect to have a better camera, some new finishes, and some software tweaks. But as of now, there are no leaks that would suggest some design or specification and chances are that Apple will shock us with something new again.

Oneplus 8 and 8t

Oneplus is one of the most trusted company – says the community. Oneplus always has something better to showcase that shocks the competitors. Although the company started its journey as the flagship killer, it’s slowly transforming into flagship itself but looking at the products and prices- I won’t complain. Just like 2019, Oneplus will launch something awesome in 2020 and leaks suggest that it’ll have a new In-display Camera Hole that would make it DOPE. Well, we may expect it to have 30t charging, definitely a 90hz display and a triple camera system but the company may surprise us at any point.

Just like every year, OnePlus will launch a refreshed version of Oneplus 8 named 8t sometime in September that will have basic improvements in design and specifications but because the specifications are always top of the notch, so we don’t need to worry about the performance of 8 or 8t.

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