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You might have often seen that a new pc performs really well but according to time the responses we get from pc also hangs with the programs. This is due to the random things we do on our PC as we are not aware that they will be harming our PC’s health. Today we are going to talk about some tricks and tips that you can perform to boost up your PC even if you’re a beginner. These will not make as fast as it was at the time of purchase but will definitely not let your PC lag as it did before.

Getting rid of Crapware

Crapware is basically all the unwanted software that is pre-installed with the windows that are also called Bloatware. These are not only hard to deal and but also disturbs user with unnecessary notifications. For dealing with these, you can use PC Decrapifier that is a compact application created to remove all the unwanted programs. It’s a freeware that can run on any Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Click HERE to install it.

Limit the Start-up Processes

You might have sometimes noticed some applications and programs that open automatically when you open your PC. These applications are set to have been enabled in Start-up Tab and can be disabled by following steps-

STEP 1 – Press ctrl+shift+esc for opening the Task Manager.

STEP 2 – Click on the Start-up Tab that is placed on fourth place starting from the right.

STEP 3 – Disable the software that is not of use and close the window.

Startup processes in Task Manager
Startup processes in Task Manager

Removal of viruses

Viruses are the most common reason for the lagging performance of your computer. A computer virus is a malicious software program loaded onto a user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and performs malicious actions like deleting, duplicating, sharing music, files, or photos with other users, visiting an infected website, opening spam email or an email attachment, downloading free games, installing mainstream software applications all without users permission.

In order to deal with viruses, a computer program called Anti-Virus is used to prevent, detect, and remove the malware from PC. In Win7 and previous versions than that, external anti-virus like Norton, Avast, Bitdefender etc were required to get rid of the malware from PC. But with the launch of Win8, a full antivirus program replaced Microsoft Security Essentials and was named Windows Defender Security Center that monitors the computer for malicious activities. To use Windows Defender, go to Setting> Updates and Security> Windows Security or simply Search for ‘Windows Defender’ in Search Box.

Windows Defender Security Center
Windows Defender Security Center

Delete the programs

It’s a good idea to uninstall all the programs you don’t use anymore. This includes software you’ve installed yourself before but don’t use anymore. This includes programs like virus scanners, disk cleaners, and backup tools often run automatically at startup, quietly eating up your memory along in the background where you can’t see them. Many people have no idea they’re even running. They work to improve the performances of our PC when it’s optimized but once a PC gets old this is no longer required.

To remove unwanted software from your PC, go to Control Panel>click on the option Uninstall a Program under Programs section. A list all the installed software will appear. Right-click on the unwanted program>click Uninstall.

uninstall a program
Uninstallation of unwanted software

Reset your PC

Windows 8, 8.1, 10 comes up with an option to reset your PC in case you feel it is lagging or not becomes responding most of the time. Sometimes, due to some random registry errors, PC starts to perform ineffectively. which is why you could try resetting your system. This will not harm your files, it will just reinstall the windows to ensure the proper working of your PC.

To Reset your PC, go to Settings> Update And Security> Recovery > Click on Get Started under Reset this PC section.

Deleting Temp Files

Whenever we run a program on our PC, its leaves some residue files Called Temp Files that eats up our disc memory and that ends up in lagging our PC. In order to deal with these go to RUN and type %temp% in the box and click on OK. This will open a folder, where you have to delete all the files permanently.

%temp% in RUN

Using Batch file

This is a step to save some time in clearing all the temporary and cache files manually. This trick creates a Memory cleaner batch file and it clears all the cache and temp files with just one click. It hardly takes a minute to do this.

Step 1. Firstly, you have to open Notepad and paste the following code into it.

%windir%system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Step 2. Save the file on desktop with name cleaner.bat

Step 3. Run the file.


By these methods, you can easily boost up your computer performance. You must try all the methods for the best results. Don’t forget to share the post if you find it useful and leave a comment below mentioning the feedback.

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