How to install PUBG Lite for PC in any country?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds famously known as PUBG among us is one of the most downloaded game. It was installed more times than Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify, says Store Intelligence Data Digest from Sensor Tower. Talking about numbers, we can say that it was downloaded 100,000,000+ times and still counting just on Playstore. But the game company BLUEHOLE is expanding the availability to more users than before, which is why it has now launched a lightweight variant of their PC title – PUBG Lite.

What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lite is a lightweighted version that can be played on PC’s with less powerful hardware. But it requires a little tweeking before you can play it. It was launched in october 2018 named as Project Thai only for users of Thailand that too on invite basis only.

This closed project was limited to 100 players and has since been renamed to PUBG Lite and is now open to all users in Thailand. The gameplay is still same where 100 players parachute on an island (currently just Erangel), loot weapons, med kit, painkillers and other necessary items for fighting, and kill others in order to become the last man standing.

OS: Window 7/8/10 64 bit
CPU: Core i3 clocked at 2.4GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
OS: Window 7/8/10 64 bit
CPU: Core i5 clocked at 2.8GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870

Now that you know about the PC requirements of PUBG Lite, here are the steps to install it in any country.


You’ll need to apply for PUBG ID and also download the setup file from the official website of game. For that, click here to open their website and hit that Download button in the yellow box. That click takes you to their download page which will instruct you about the PC’s minimum requirements and recommended requirements. Click on Download button that is now in the orange box and that will start downloading PUBG-LITE_SETUP.

PUBG Lite official website


Now, you need to click the ‘Apply for ID’ button on the top right side on their website from where you just downloaded the setup file. Enter the required credentials to create your account in the new dialog box that will appear. Your PUBG ID will be required to log into the game.

creating account in PUBG


After you’ve entered all the credentials, confirm the code that must be sent on your email id in order to verify that it’s you.


Now that you are done with the downloading part, all that you need to install a VPN application for your PC that will basically show your false location to the server that will be detecting your location as this BETA OPERATION is available for Thailand users only. There is no specific VPN application that you must install, just make sure they have Thailand’s server in them like SAFER VPN that also gives you a trial of their paid services for 24 hour.



You now have a PUBG GAME LAUNCHER file and a VPN application installed in your PC. Install the launcher file and but don’t open it. Connect to Thailand’s server on your VPN application first.


After installing the file, and connecting to Thailand’server, open the Launcher that must be installed. Don’t get scared by the Thai language, we’re gonna help you with that. Simply enter the ID and password that you had created before to log into the launcher.

Login into PUBG


Once you’ve logged in, the launcher will open and a huge orange button at the bottom left will appear that reads install in Thai. Click it to start downloading PUBG Lite on your PC. The file size is around 2 GB and since you will be using a VPN, it can easily take even some hours depending on your speed.

Downloading PUBG for PC

There’s also a language change button on the top right corner but it seems to be broken or not working. But you can still try changing your language by clicking on that.


Once the download is complete, close the launcher. You have PUBG’s game file now installed in your PC but it will prompt you with a message that this is still “NOT YET AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION“. In order to bypass this, you will have to change some settings in your PC.

  1. First, change the default location of your PC. Presuming you are using Windows 10, navigate to ‘Settings -> Privacy’ and then ‘Location’ under the App Permissions section. In case you’re not using WIN10, you can Google about the tutorial on How to Change your PCs location followed by your windows.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Set default’ button under the ‘Default Location’ option to change the location.
  3. You’ll have to search for ‘Bangkok city, Thailand’ in the text box on the pop-up map, select it, and then click on the ‘Change’ button to modify the default location to Thailand.
  4. Navigate to ‘Settings -> Date & time’ and change the time zone to ‘(UTC+7:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta’ from the drop-down menu to change your PCs timezone

Well, that’s it to start playing PUBG Lite on PC. Now, just power up that VPN, log into the game launcher, and click that orange button at the bottom left to play. We wish you all the best for all the upcoming chicken dinners.

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