Android 9! How good does it tastes in January 2019?

It has been more than 6 months since google has released its new android OS in the name of PIE. Its first developer preview was rolled out in march 2018, and for the public on august 2018. Android 9 was initially available for PIXEL DEVICES offered by GOOGLE and the ESSENTIAL PHONE. The Sony Xperia XZ3 was the first device that came with Android 9 pre-installed. But today it is made available to customers by almost every major smartphone manufacturing companies. Let it be NOKIA, ONEPLUS, XIAOMI, HUAWEI, ASUS, SAMSUNG, LG, HTC, MOTOROLA, BLACKBERRY, VIVO, OPPO and others too.
Main highlights of the new OS are-
1) New animations for switching between application or activities.
2) New look of quick settings.
3) gesture enabled navigation bar.
4) new BACK Button.
5) redesigned volume slider.
6) digital well being
7) rotation lock icon in navigation bar
8) adaptive battery.
All these features seem to be very good and displays the hard work done by company in creating difference when compared to previous OS but lets talk something statistical?
Yes, I’m talking about the numbers and by the end of 2018, Android 8.1 was running on just 22 percent of android smartphone users while Android 9 to at just 0.2 percent. If we talk about the version that is still used the most, its Nougat (android 7).

We still don’t know the answer to the question that how much better the android Q going to be than P but before that Google should focus more on giving benefits of PIE to more people.

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    Very informative, thanks for sharing such a good blog.

  2. Black on black in the Charg I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini

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