GOOGLE has launched its new game streaming device named STADIA recently in GAME DEVELOPER CONFERENCE. The device is capable of allowing the user to enjoy gaming without any need for specific hardware as users can easily stream games on their smartphones, pc and chromecast ultra. According to Google, after buying this the users will have no need to buy any heavily priced console. Although Sony also launched its game streaming device like Stadia in the past, however, it has been unsuccessful due to lack of software enhancements as it could not deliver what it claimed to. Stadia is the first game streaming service which seems to show some real potential on which the majority of gamer society can rely on as Google is known best when it comes to software development.

google stadia

The main benefit of having Stadia in your hand is that you won’t need to buy an expensive console that cost up to RS 25,000 to RS 30,000 just to play games. Another good thing about it is no data/software downloading would be required. If you want to play the game, all you have to do is hit the play button and your game will be ready to play within 5 seconds. All you should have is a good internet connection (more than 25 MBPS) to get started.

Google created some really insane features in Stadia that doesn’t require you to buy an additional hardware component. You can use it on any Pixel smartphone or Chromecast Ultra device. If you don’t own pixel device or chromecast ultra, this is where company thought something very useful, you can stream games directly to your PC using the Google Chrome Browser. Google also said it will make Stadia 5G cellular networks compatible in future, maybe via OTA updates.


Focusing on future google said they want to help the gamers. More than 2 billion people all over the world who want to play a particular game or either likes to watch the recorded gameplay. But the developers find it hard to reach audiences due to either lack of discoverability or the hurdles like device requirements they have to meet and maybe a lot of other technical stuff that they have to cross to play the game. Google want to help the developers by giving them a stable platform in the name of STADIA that would users to not only discover games but also access them instantly without facing any hurdles.

Along with this, the developers would also get a stable market to produce games for. Today, when you watch a game’s trailer and in case you like, you’ll have to check if it is available for your console. If yes, you’ll download it and it not you would have to go to the store and buy it, later you’ll have to wait while it would get installed in your console before you can finally play it, keeping in mind about the issues like installation failure.

With Stadia, gamers won’t have to face such issue, once they see a game trailer on YouTube, they will simply find a “Play Now” button. Clicking on that will instantly take user to the game. With a good internet connection (>25Mbps), even heavy games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will start streaming and become playable within five seconds, keeping in mind about the new enhancements in graphics.


google stadia controller
Google Stadia Controller

Many people might think that a controller might be necessary to buy in order to use services of Stadia, but Google planned to allow users to stream games over your desktop which can be easily controlled with your regular mouse and keyboard. The controller will have two additional buttons than normal ones. First would be to record the gameplay and other will be to launch GOOGLE ASSISTANT that would help the user to access in-game menus and controls using just your voice.

stadia controller
Google Assistant button (on left) and Gameplay Record button (on Right)


At launch, Stadia will sadly not be available in India whereas even for the USA, Canada, UK, and most other European countries the company has still not clarified about availability and pricing. But these countries will be the first to use the amazing game streaming service . We still hope to see such a revolutionary device in INDIA in 2019 which the company claims to be the future of gaming. If the device functions even half of what the company claims its performance, it would still be a revolution of gaming, if not we’ve already seen in past what happened with SONY and Nvidia’s game streaming service.


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