miui 11 New Features and First look

MIUI 11 New Features And First Look

MIUI 11 is almost available to the Poco F1, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7S, Redmi Note 8, and more. But what’s new?

The MIUI 11 update based on Android 10 is coming and it brings quite a few interesting changes that might really benefit Mi in the current scenario. The new features well we have the Chinese ROM of the MIUI 11 and it brings almost all of the features Xiaomi talked about it the note 8 pro event and maybe even a lot more surprises.

User Interface

First, the biggest change in MIUI 11 is the new UI. It brings a visually improved version of MIUI 10 and if you would place MIUI 11 alongside MIUI 10 you would notice, that the icons are not more defined with the rounded-square shape and every other UI element has the same curved corners and it looks more unified and clean. All the stock apps have now been redesigned too with this new UI and the animations are smoother than ever.
There’s also this new font which I think looks really nice but doesn’t differentiate new UI over the old ones.

Ambient Display

If you are an always-on display fan then you’re gonna love the new customizations made to this new update. You can now choose from so many cool ambient display styles and can just tap on the one you like from a really nice preview along with different options. You can now add your custom text for the lock screen along with some design or pattern to make the lock screen look more impressive.

You might already know that new Xiaomi phones don’t have a notification LED. This may be why MIUI 11 brings a notification LED like light screen feature where you can get various screen lighting effects for when you get a new notification. We can say that it looks like inspired from edge lighting on Samsung phones but this actually comes in handy and also looks good.

Dark Mode

MIUI 11 is based on Android 10 which is why it brings the much-awaited dark mode and it looks really beautiful. But what’s really new in MIUI 11 are a couple of really handy features that Xiaomi adds to the dark mode. First, there’s the global dark mode option and as the name tells us, this option makes everything dark, even the non-compatible third-party apps.

It’s like the forced dark mode option in developer options in stock Android. Another great feature about this is now you get an option to schedule the dark mode which basically means that you can set time for the dark mode to be active or inactive for a particular time in the day.


Earlier to use Mimoji on Xiaomi phones, you had to install a separate app and all that hassle was not worth it. However, with MIUI 11, Mimoji’s are now available in the Camera app. In order to use them, you can switch to the Mimoji tab at the bottom and start creating your animated avatar. Mimoji now supports head movements, detections, and some facial expressions too. It’s not as good as that of Apple, but still, it’s quite fun

Mi Share

This is not the first time when some android software-based software is copying some Apple-related feature. Earlier, Android smartphones manufacturing have copied gestures based UI, Face Unlock and Animoji. And now in MIUI 11 you get Mi Share, which we can say is highly inspired from Apple’s Airdrop feature that allows only Apple users to share data within no time. Mi Share uses Bluetooth and Internet to share one data from one phone to another at a faster speed.

What’s truly great and new about this feature is it’ll work with Vivo, Realme and Oppo phones as well. This is part of the alliance that this company’s formed recently. Realme already has this Realme share feature but it’s not working with the Mi Share feature right now. Maybe it’ll work with the next update that will be rolled out sooner or later.

Ambient sound

Along with the new update, MIUI also brings some dynamic sound effects that remind you of ambient sounds from nature. The alarm tones will now be different depending on the weather. Users can now also set weekly to get different alarm tones every single day of the week.

Well, this might not sound interesting or cool but wait. What I found really interesting is that now with MIUI 11, your device can detect if a call is from a cab or food delivery service and play a different ringtone accordingly. Now that’s cool, isn’t it?

Ultra Battery Saver

So MIUI brings quite a number of new features to the battery page. There are the automated tasks which let you automate things to save battery efficiently. You can set a certain time to keep the phone in airplane mode, turn on a bunch of settings at 15 or 20 percent battery.

The Ultra-Battery Saver is very similar to the Ultra Battery Saver Mode on Samsung and Huawei phones but it is useful. This mode restricts the application’s background activity, decreases screen brightness and switches to the dark theme to make sure the battery lasts long all at one click. In this mode, you can even select the apps you want to use so that you can still use your phone if you want to while extending the battery life.

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