MACdows? Is it really happening?

Some of you might be using windows OS for use and some might be using macOS for work. These both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages on the list. But today we have a interesting topic to have discussion about.

People from all around the world love macOS for its stability. Let it be 3-4 years old from now but still, it runs as good as the day it was bought. The synchronization of Safari tabs between Macs, iPhone, and iPad is a feature without which most of us can’t live. The boot time is super fast, and in general, there is no need to install any additional software. Even adding a printer doesn’t require spending a bunch of time downloading drivers for it, just go up to ‘Add Printer’ and Voila.

Without having to do any re-installs of the OS and the smoothness that macOS provides is something commendable. Along with these advantages, there are some more like No threats of malware or adware, Free operating system, timely OS X updates combined with firmware and security updates, no antivirus required, better computing capabilities, Free iWork’s I mean the list is huge.

Talking about the advantages of windows over MAC, this is an endless topic to talk about. It’s cheaper, free of cost programs, much more user-friendly and etc. but this isn’t about the advantages or disadvantages, it is about macDOWS. Yes, this might be soon available to you.


macDOWS can be the new OS that the world’s two greatest companies APPLE and MICRSOFT might be naming. This OS will have capabilities to run the program of windows and will display the smoothness of MacOS. Windows language being C++ and Apple’s own Objective-C in the core of MacOS,¬†which might get challenging for them to create but these companies have never disappointed us when it comes to surprising. As of now, there is no news of launch by any of the company but with the increase of ChromeOS, the sales of these two companies have affected. The increase of Chromebook might also suggest the company to create a separate book of its own which can be given a cool name like macDOWSbook or anything else that will be a separate notebook computer powerful enough to run this powerful OS.

As of now, this is still a concept plan that companies might be working on, but a project like this will not only finish the Chromebook from the market but can also reduce the sale of Mac and Windows on separate. Comment down your views on this topic like what would like to see in such OS if created. Maybe not the companies, but some professional developer would create this before the companies do.T

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